Wednesday, June 27, 2007

iPhone: Apple is still the Marketing Master

Apple has masterfully marketed the iPhone since unveiling it six months ago, analysts agree. Aside from national advertising and the already powerful Apple fan base, the company has skillfully - or perhaps by chance - fueled extraordinary speculation about the gadget. Interest is so high that Web sites breathlessly report every detail of device sightings in Silicon Valley, as well as every detail about the gadget and how it works.

Already, rabid Apple fans and thrifty entrepreneurs are camping out at stores from New York to Walnut Creek. The group in the East Bay posted a message on Craigslist early Wednesday morning, showing a picture of three guys donning "iWAIT" t-shirts. So far, team member Jon May said someone is willing to pay them $1,500 to wait in line.



Bouha said...

C'est clair !
Ils font pas les meilleurs produits mais ils savent les vendre !

nasr said...

vendre est un savoir..
je me demande si Apple ne se ferait elle pas des ennemis, a l'instar de Microsoft..
j prefere mon linux, moi (je poste ce comment depuis un MacBook :D)

Unknown said...

don't forget that the US mobile market is like the european one , people are less knowledgeable about phones than say in the UK or even back home ! i think that it will be a hit because its a fashionable phone and very well designed like all mac products !but tech guys wont buy it !
i'm keeping my nokia N95 and i'm very happy with it ! screw iphone and blackberry :))

Unknown said...

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