Monday, February 19, 2007

Google Summer of Code: An opportunity for TN students

I really encourage our computer science students to apply for one of the projects sponsored by Google summer of code. It is a big opportunity to get to work on an open source project, it gives you an insight on how the open source community works and an invaluable professional experience, not to mention the fact that you could be spotted by one of Google recruiters :-)

This event, has mentors from many Open source projects like GNU,Mozilla,Eclipse, Perl Foundation, OpenOffice,Ubuntu & bazaar, Dojo and man many others.

Again, I encourage any CS student who thinks he'll be able to contribute, to consider this event. And spread the word to your friends. It is another way to show that we Tunisians are competitive in this domain.

Google Summer of CodeTM is a program that offers student developers stipends to write code for various open source projects. Google will be working with a several open source, free software and technology-related groups to identify and fund several projects over a three month period. Historically, the program has brought together over 1,000 students with over 100 open source projects, to create hundreds of thousands of lines of code. The program, which kicked off in 2005, is now in its third year, following on from a very successful 2006.

While the majority of past student participants were enrolled in university Computer Science and Computer Engineering programs, GSoCers come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds, from computational biology to mining engineering. Many of our past participants had never participated in an open-source project before GSoC; others used the GSoC stipend as an opportunity to concentrate fully on their existing open source coding activities over the summer. Several of our 2005 students went on to become mentors in 2006.

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Imperator said...

salut samsoun,
est ce que je peux participer meme si je travaille :)
comme d'hab ça sera soit des polonias, russes ou indiens qui vont gagner !!
par ici nous sommes forts dans la technique copy/paste :))

samsoum said...

@imperator: Tu crois que les russes ou les indiens ne font pas du copy/paste? Il y a du bon et du mauvais partout. Bon, il faut te dire que je suis un optimiste de nature ;-)

Tu peux participer meme si tu travailles, mais il faut que tu sois inscrit en tant qu'etudiant dans n'importe quelle instituion d'education meme en cours du soir. Donc si tu prends des cours du soir a Amideast, ca marche :-)