Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Sometimes reading a genuine news report makes you feel embarassed. The truth hurts!!

[...] Ironically, one of Ben Ali's first statements was to pledge that he would never be a president for life. Now aged 71, he shows no sign of stepping down; posters and slogans describe him as "the best choice" for 2009. (The constitution was rewritten in 2002 to allow him to begin a fourth five-year term with a thumping, Soviet-style 99.9% of the vote in 2004: thus his irreverent, punning nickname "Ben a vie" - "for life.") [...]
Via The Guardian


Hamed El Karoui said...

ben ali! ben a vie! boul 3lih!

Chekib Kchouk said...

Last night I decided to watch the Tunisan channel (7) to see what was going on with the celebrations of the "Ettaghyeer". It has been 20 years now and they still call it the "Al 3ahdi'l Jadid". I am so sick of it. It is really retarded. I feel so ashamed to be from this country. There are no words that can describe my humiliation and anger after watching our president's speech and how all the clowns around him were cheering for him. The slogans, the applauses, the whole thing looked so retarded and so embarrassing. I always thought that the government is nothing but a reflection of the people. Are we all like that? Why does everybody still think that the president is the government and that we have to worship him like a god? When are we going to realize that it should be the other way around? Isn’t the president an elected official? Didn’t we elect him to service our country and represent us? Why do we have to kiss his butt all the time? We really need to think about how we can change this mentality that is keeping us from stepping up to the true democracy and development. Aren’t we tired of having the same president for over 20 years? Why isn’t anybody doing anything about this? Where is our opposition? For how long are we just going to keep talking behind the scenes? Can anybody tell me if there is any organization or opposition out there that has a plan? I would love to see it.