Friday, November 16, 2007

See you all in a week :)

I am leaving the bay area tomorrow for a week. I wont be with my family during Thanksgiving because of this business trip. I'll let you guess where I will be from this picture.

Hint: it is summer over there :)

See Ya!


Werewolf said...

Sa77a 5ouya samsoum ;-)
Salmelna 3ela Sydney et essaye de partager quelques photos ;-)

stupeur said...

ca c la classe :p

enjoy Sydney khouya! :)

Mtn tu pourra boire la foster's sur place :p

samsoum said...

Bravo Werewolf et Merci.
Stupeur, qui t'as dit que c'était ma bière préférée? :))

Anonymous said...

Ah! tu pars a la cité du siecle du lac sud. Ti haou fissa3 kammlouha! :)

Enjoy :)

samsoum said...

@Tarek: You wish! :))

stupeur said...

@Samsoum : My intuition dude!

just enjoy and think of me ! :p