Thursday, December 27, 2007

Censorship IS NOT the solution!!

After the successful action of 12/25 and thanks to all participating bloggers, I wanted to note that it must be very obvious now to the officials at whatever censorship or information control agency in this country that censorship is not the solution anymore. The same way satellite broadcasting did few years ago, the internet has won the censorship battle. Today with a blogging platform like Google, a blog address can be changed in 2 seconds and it takes as much to update an aggregator addresses or redirecting your feed through feedBurner or similar services. Technology work for everyone and even if a whole site like YouTube gets censored, mirrors and proxies get created to mitigate these actions.

I urge our decision makers to opt out of these stupid strategies and to accept the dialog with everyone. Bad ideas won’t survive a public and free debate. Extreme and fundamentals ideas and their supporters are partly justified and by government fear of debating them.

Oppression always gives birth to violence, where sometimes we end up in the worst case scenario. And we, the citizen of this country are taken as hostages, where we should be shaping this country the way WE WANT, not what the government wants, not what the opposition wants!!!!

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Werewolf said...

"Wa3lina Ouuuuuuuuuuuh"
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