Friday, April 20, 2007

US builds Baghdad wall to keep Sunnis and Shias apart !!

When you put military in control, they tend to use the military solutions, isn't that obvious?. For a soldier, digging a hole or building a wall, will protect you from the enemy, that's what they are taught. What a shame!!!

US soldiers are building a three-mile wall to separate one of Baghdad's Sunni enclaves from surrounding Shia neighbourhoods, it emerged today.
The move is part of a contentious security plan that has fuelled fears of the Iraqi capital's Balkanisation.

When the barrier is finished, the minority Sunni community of Adamiya, on the eastern side of the River Tigris, will be completely gated. Traffic control points manned by Iraqi soldiers will provide the only access, the US military said.

"Shias are coming in and hitting Sunnis, and Sunnis are retaliating across the street," Captain Scott McLearn, of the US 407th brigade support battalion, told the Associated Press.

The project, which began on April 10, is being worked on almost nightly, with cranes swinging enormous concrete barriers into place.[...]


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de passage said...

C'est normal et ils ont le droit, ils sont chez eux . C'est une manière pour eux de gérer leurs administrés et des le protéger les uns des autres . C'est leur bled quoi, on ne peut pas leur dicter leur conduites . En plus il y a des gens de chez nous qui leur souhaiteent la victoire comme amilcar entre autres , mais ce n'est pas le seul .