Sunday, March 18, 2007

Halliburton moving its HQ to Dubai!

Halliburton the energy service company that was led by US VP Dick Cheney from 1995 to 2000 is planning to move its Headquarters and its CEO to Dubai. I want to remind you that KBR, a Halliburton subsidiary is one of the main contractors of the US Army in Iraq and was handed billon dollars contracts directly without a bid process!!

Halliburton is shifting its business towards the Middle East, West Africa and Libya. It is even planning to list its stock on the ME stock exchange. Last year's net profit for this company was $2,300,000,000!!!

At least we know that the war on "Terrorism" is profiting to some US companies, unfortunately they're trying to avoid paying tax to the same government who put them in this position by creating an unjustified war. Ironic, isn't it? Or perhaps they are anticipating some scrutiny from the Democrat led congress!



Napo said...

I like halliburton alot, the genius in crisis management and the star of corporate profit making and whoever thinks otherwise, is an inferior.

Kima n9oulou, bsahethom !!!!

BTW, they're big in libya too, and even have a liason office in Tunisia under a different name.

samsoum said...

Napo, these news are a proof of their genioisty, no doubt about that. A corporate is a corporate and they report only to their shareholders.
But and there is always a "But", ethically, profiting from an unjustified war, excessive and obvious lobbying (there is many investiagtiosn in KBR about overbilling) is something that smart people like me :-) can dislike and that's why I sold all my stocks in this company (you see how foolish I can be).
There is always a balance between a target and the means to get there and that's just my opinion.

Napo said...

you may have sold your stocks smart man, but i'm sure some of your funds or pension funds hold halliburton large caps.

profiting from an unjustified war? really? WWII was unjustified, yet all world corps took advantage of the aftermath.

Overbilling occurs on a daily life also, and every entrepreneur would not miss an opportunity to practise overbilling to keep their margin healthier than it should be :)))