Friday, March 30, 2007

One day of war in Iraq =Food for 8,000,000 children for one year

I got this comment on my last post on GlobalVoices (could be censored in TN). More info from the comment author here

This week, we celebrate the fourth anniversary of the war in Iraq. I still remember the start very well.

Time for a calculation.

1. The newspaper today states one minute of war in Iraq costs US$380,000. A calculation made by Joseph Stiglitz, a US Nobelprize winning economist. That is almost double the cost of the war in Vietnam.

2. According to WFP, the UN’s food aid organisation, it costs US$0.19 to feed a child for a day. Nineteen cents. 20,000 children die of hunger every day. The time it took you to read this post, already 15 died.

3. Taking those two figures together, one minute of war in Iraq would feed 2,000,000 children for a day.

One day of war in Iraq would feed 8,000,000 children for a year.

4. There are 800 million hungry in the world. Three-four months of war in Iraq would feed all hungry in the world.
Three-four months of war, we have done before. Many times. But we have never fed all the hungry in the world.

I do not understand. Somewhere the calculation does not make sense. Otherwise all intelligent people in the world would have cried foul. Wouldn’t we? …Wouldn’t we?

Meilleurs voeux pour le Mouled. Kol 3am wetouma 7ayyin b5ir.


Swobodin said...

Feeding children is not a profitable business for both Uncle Sam and Kamikaze manufacturers.
Too bad that the people of the glorious Babylon have now to pay for something they are not involved in.

Téméraire V5.0 said...

Who care about children ?
Who care about petroleum ?

Heliodore said...

l'argent n'a ni dieu ni maitre !