Sunday, March 25, 2007

United Nations Council imposes sanctions on Iran

The sanctions imposed on Iran, go beyond companies involved in the Iranian nuclear program, since it is asking for freezing financial assets of many entities including the 80 years old Bank Sepah. I don't think this escalation was needed, but US and GB kept pushing, thinking this could put pressure on Iran to stop their uranium enrichment program! Does this ring a bell?

Note that Qatar and Indonesia were able to get a "reference" to a nuclear-free Middle East, which i s a great success considering that is a direct reference to Israel unofiicial nuclear arsenal, but it is just a reference in a resolution imposing sanctions to a country trying to enrich uranium, so let's not get excited.

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The
U.N. Security Council voted unanimously on Saturday to impose new sanctions on
Iran for its nuclear ambitions by targeting Tehran's arms exports, state-owned bank and elite Revolutionary Guards.[...]

It threatens further sanctions if Iran does not comply within 60 days. If it does, sanctions would be suspended.

U.S. representative Alejandro Wolff told the council that adoption of Resolution 1747 sent "a clear and unambiguous message to Iran" that the pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability "will only further isolate Iran and make it less, not more, secure,"

Addressing the council after the vote, Mottaki said the 15-member body had been manipulated by some of its members to take "unjustifiable action" against Iran's nuclear program.

"I can assure you that pressure and intimidation will not change Iranian policy," he said. "Suspension is neither an option nor a solution."[...]

The big powers held intensive negotiations over the past month and conducted talks until the last minute, first with South Africa and then with Indonesia and Qatar, who wanted a reference to a nuclear-free Middle East, which was inserted into the preamble.

Qatar's U.N. ambassador Nassir Abdolaziz al-Nasser, the only Arab members of the council, spoke against the resolution for its potential to destabilize the Middle East. But he voted in favor, presumably because he did not want to be the only negative vote, after South Africa and Indonesia said "Yes."[...]



de passage qui emmerde l'onu said...

La solution, c'est de se torcher avec cette résolution de l'onu, ce assemblée de crétins .
Il faut aussi foncer dedans éclater tout le monde pour que le chaos s'installe et que l'on puisse régler noc compte avec ce système une bonne fois pour toute .
Détruire toute les rafineries du secteur, faire sauter tous les puits, c'est ce que devraient faire les iraniens .L'enfer pour tous les salauds d'envahisseurs .

qannibal said...

si ca arrive, quel compte pensez-vous que les iraniens vont regle?
le comptes des "salauds envahisseurs" ou bien le compte des sunites???
la correcte question est quel compte sera regle le premier?