Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Palestine-Israel : Give Peace A Chance!!

Today, Arab leaders are meeting in Ryadh (KSA) for a two days Arab league summit. In the agenda, a revival of the land for peace proposal offered 5 years ago to the Israelis. Basically, it asks for withdrawal of the Israelis to the 1967 borders, agree on a Palestinian state and a just solution for the refugees. The latter is very important since it is not asking for their return but for a just solution which is a big concession. I really hope that Hamas and the Israeli government consider this offer, because it is the best compromise at this time and it is worth stopping this 60 years conflict. Enough is enough, 3 generations lost during this conflict from both sides. Give back land to leave in peace is what the Israelis should look for. Accepting the 1967 borders is a good compromise for the Palestinians because that’s the best they can get at this time. If you think about it, it is an opportunity for both to end this conflict and it is far better than the current situation. Unfortunately, the all or nothing solution is just unrealistic at this point. Same thing if the Israelis maintain their position on East Jerusalem and the refugee issue. It is just not going to happen. I invite you to pray that a miracle will happen and that this will be the end of this “endless” conflict.

RIYADH (Reuters) - Arab leaders will revive a five-year-old land-for-peace offer to
Israel when they meet at a summit in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, seeking an end to decades of conflict at the heart of the region's problems.

The two-day Arab League summit is set to offer the Jewish state normal ties with all Arab countries if it fully withdraws from land it occupied in 1967, accepts a Palestinian state and agrees to a "just solution" for Palestinian refugees.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas urged Israel to take up the offer, calling it a last chance for peace with Muslims.

"This initiative simply says to Israel 'leave the occupied territories and you will live in a sea of peace that begins in Nouakchott and ends in Indonesia'," Abbas said on Tuesday, referring to the capital of Mauritania in West Africa and the country with the world's largest Muslim population.

"If this initiative is destroyed, I don't believe there will be another opportunity in the future like this."

Yet the plan faces many hurdles. Israel has objected to key elements, including the proposed return to 1967 borders, the inclusion of Arab East Jerusalem in a Palestinian state and the return of Palestinian refugees to homes in what is now Israel.

The Islamist movement Hamas, which heads the Palestinian government, also has some reservations about the text.

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal was quoted by Saudi media as urging Arab leaders ahead of the summit not to make concessions on the demand for the Palestinian refugees to return home.

Hamas demands a right to return for all Palestinians who fled or were driven out of what is now Israel during the 1948 war. It has refused to recognize Israel, but Palestinian officials say it has agreed not to go against the peace plan.

The final draft avoids mention of the phrase "right of return" for Palestinian refugees but calls for a just solution.



wise man said...

I agree with u. It's a best compromise in THIS TIME. But I thik, even if the a withdrawal to 67 will be happen, Hammas will request then a 48 withdrawal, and it's their right i think. Besides Hammas maintain in prisoner's liberty, and this is a great conflict within conflict.
Hammas's request are so divergent from Israel satisfaction, but despite, let's be optimist and pray that peace will be established.

de passage said...

T'as le droit de rêver .