Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Palestine: Hidden agenda!!

What is going on in Palestine is another proof of the complex situation in the region and another eye opener that no peaceful solution can take place to relieve the 50 years of suffering of the people living there.

It is a real drama. People being manipulated like puppets by the existing political forces in the region. The Hamas government, elected by the people is not accepted by Israel or Fatah. The latter found itself in a weak position and is trying to get back to power, by force and is risking to be perceived as getting help from Israel.

Israel plays a dangerous game by helping or makes believe it is helping Fatah. Which will put both Palestinian factions in a hot spot in front of the world and who’s paying the price? As usual, the poor Palestinians are. It is a hopeless case, isn’t it?

GAZA (Reuters) - At least 25 Palestinians were killed on Wednesday as President Mahmoud Abbas's secular
Fatah faction and Hamas battled for control of Gaza and
Israel launched a deadly round of air strikes against the Islamists.

Palestinian officials said the widening hostilities could bring down a two-month-old unity government formed between Hamas and Fatah. Some Palestinians see this leading to all-out civil war and the end of the Palestinian Authority.

Terrified Gaza residents hid indoors as masked gunmen fought running battles street-to-street, killing 20 people -- five of them even after the two sides declared a ceasefire at dusk. In one panicked call to a radio station, a woman urged Palestinian leaders to act, pleading: "Do not leave us to die here."[...]

Israel faces a delicate balancing act. It is under domestic pressure to stop the rockets and also wants Fatah to deal a blow to Hamas, the party of Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh; it agreed to let 450 Fatah troops into Gaza from Egypt on Tuesday.

But overt Israeli assistance for Fatah could backfire if Hamas is able to paint Abbas as an ally of the Jewish state, which many Palestinians see as their real enemy. Pro-Hamas media have already begun accusing Abbas of lining up with Israel.

"We will not intervene in the war itself but if Mr. Abbas will request specific help, we will supply (it)," Israeli Vice Premier Shimon Peres told reporters during a visit to Estonia



Napo said...

sounds like mini lebanon in the cooking. to be honest, hamas is on the wrong side of the equation. these guys need to think about the well being of their people and they need to realize that when you depend on foreign aid, u have next to zero leverage.

it's not about fighting or sending rockets, it's about diplomacy, and the security and stability and the prosperity of the electorate. Hamas has completely forgot that it was elected to make life better.

both are letting off some steam..let them do it

Sardina said...

Stupid and silly game, as they can't use their guns against Israeli militaries, the Palestinian factions prefer using them against each other, at least to justify their purchase. And as usual, Israel tries to benefit from this situation by making it worse, and proposing its help to Fatah. There is only one thing to say: shame on you, Palestinians!