Sunday, May 20, 2007

Tunisphère 2.0 ;)

Dear Houssein, I know you’re working on the next version of tn-blogs. But since you never asked publicly for requirements from us, the users of your service :)) I’ll give you some of the features that I’d like to see as part of this new version. The order in which they appear is not significant.

-Search capabilities, based on subject or content words or post tags and dates.

-Possibility to have in addition to the “popular” tab, a tab with custom favorites. A user would be able to customize that tab to show posts from his favorite bloggers. This would probably require minimum registration (at least by email)

-Possibility to have another tab for favorite subjects. In this tab the user would specify the tags he’s interested in and any post containing that tag would make it to that tab. Of course this means that all bloggers would try to choose the right tags for the posts and that technically you’d be able to detect them independent from the blogging platform or at least from the most popular ones.

-It would be great if we can have a page with the comment feeds of all the posts on tn-blogs.

-make the statistics available for all registered users. The most meaningful one, is how many times a post was accessed through tn-blogs. More interesting ones are people who accessed this post also accessed these other ones (you can add a period of time variable). This will give a valuable info in addition to the voting system.

-Add a dig, links to every post.

-add a link to the profile of the blogger on every post (this could be blogger platform profile or his/her profile on tn-blogs)

That’s it for now ;) and I hope that there would be more suggestions through comments. I know that this could be overwhelming for you, since you’re doing this on your spare time, but perhaps we can help. I’m sure there is a lot of people on tn-blogs with the right skill set, capable of helping you out :)))


Saied said...

Simple is beautiful ;)

Houssein said...

Hi Samsoum,

Thanks for the valuable suggestions. I will try to implement some of them available for the next release.

samsoum said...

Thanks buddy, I appreciate it.

samsoum said...

@Saied. Simple design is beautiful, but that does not exclude power ;)

Anonymous said...

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