Wednesday, October 17, 2007

17 octobre : Journée Mondiale du refus de la misère

"Là où des hommes sont condamnés à vivre dans la misère, les droits de l'homme sont violés. S'unir pour les faire respecter est un devoir sacré."Joseph Wresinski

The text of the Call to Action for the World Day to Overcome Extreme Poverty:

- We are in solidarity with all those who are fighting throughout the world to eliminate
extreme poverty.

- We want to contribute to promoting respect for the dignity of all people, and their effective
access to human rights.

- We want to join efforts to enable those living in extreme poverty and exclusion to
participate fully in their societies, including the commemoration of October 17th,
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.

- We ask all members of civil society, local and national authorities, and the United Nations to:

  • Consider those in extreme poverty as the first to take action in the fight against poverty;
  • Ensure that people living in poverty fully participate in the development, implementation and evaluation of policies and programmes that concern them and that are inspired by a commitment to a world without poverty - a world where the rights to family life, decent work, social, cultural and political participation are respected;
  • Support events organized each October 17th
    to ensure that the participation of people
    with direct experience of poverty be at the heart of the International Day for the
    Eradication of Poverty;
  • Participate in an ongoing, long-term dialogue with people who, in refusing to accept
    extreme poverty, are building peace.

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