Monday, July 23, 2007

Are you an enemy of God?

Al-Qaida in North Africa issues threats

CAIRO, Egypt - The North African branch of al-Qaida, believed responsible for a suicide bombing in Algeria this month, threatened Monday to carry out new attacks against "enemies of God" in the region.

"The Holy warriors, thanks be to God, have managed to reorganize their ranks and set forth their plans, and they are preparing a lot of surprises," said the statement, posted on a militant Web site usually used by the group.

These "surprises" will escalate "until the enemies of God's religion realize that they have no choice but to repent to God and halt the war against Islam and Muslims" in north Africa, the statement said. The message's authenticity could not be independently verified.
The statement also called on "all Muslim brethren" to stay away from army, police, and official centers because militants "are determined to target their bases ... by all means of explosions, shelling and destruction until they are either uprooted or return to their senses."


By the way, some of us (you) share the same religion as these holy warriors. But we should not be worried, we just have to return to our sense or stay away from targets!!!!!!

None of these idiots thought that this kind of statements is not doing any good to "their" religion and that it gives more reasons to our dictators to justify their oppressive actions? Who cares about "your" religion when we loose our freedom!


Kanvan said...

Anyway, Muslims who will be killed by these warriors will go to paradise, isn't it ? those guys are really wonderful !!!

If you don't want to go to paradise, just never loose your NIC, passport, don't ask for a "Madhmoune" , don't buy a car (otherwise you will need the gray card and so on, in other way, just stop living !

mataadi said...

C'est quoi ça une surprise ? Il y a bien longtemps que ce mot à été banni de mon vocabulaire .
Ya sidi aamlouli surprise khalyouni n7ess kifkom bel surprise . Tellement ma naarfach chnouwa al surprise nabda mridh al 3ama al koll . Ama ma naamalech délit d'initié, je le pouvais pourtant et à plusieurs reprise .
Ah sam7ouni, ghlotta j'avais dit qu'être pris de court était possible .Oui oui pris de court comme on dit quand quelque chose arrive avant terme . Bien évidemment je rigolle ça ne concerne que le liban .